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Welcome to Mancuso Science!

I’m so excited for you to explore our site, designed for science teachers and homeschool parents!  There’s so much amazing science to discover for your classroom, curriculum, and practice.

I encourage you to visit our new Science Shop, which features the most exciting tools to maximize engagement and learning outcomes!  You’ll love our line of Mancuso Exclusives,  learning tools created by our team of educational experts that you absolutely will not find anywhere else! Our shop will continuously grow each week, so please visit often to discover amazing ideas for your curriculum.

Soon, we’ll be launching an extensive library of exclusive NGSS 3-Dimensional lessons, and a continuously growing collection of exciting phenomena.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter with free lessons and phenomena for your classroom, as well as 15% off your first order!

Thanks again for visiting Mancuso Science- enjoy!

Dr. Vince Mancuso

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