Botley the Coding Robot Crashin’ Construction Accessory Set


Design crash bang fun as the worlds of coding and construction collide for your Botley robot!

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Get ready for some crash bang fun as the worlds of coding and construction collide!  This engaging accessory kit comes with attachments that will transform Botley into a wrecking ball, a tow truck with moveable crane attachment, or a bulldozer with adjustable plow arms.
The full-color, illustrated guide includes six STEM challenges to get kids started, and launch them into their own creative designs.  Build up block structures, code Botley to knock them down, clean up the mess, or tow them with the hook and cable.  This is exciting, challenging fun that supports open-ended imaginative play, critical thinking, problem-solving, coding, and other essential STEM skills!

Kit Includes:

  • Snap-on crane attachment with hook
  • Construction yellow and black face mask for Botley
  • Detachable plow arms
  • Wrecking ball
  • Construction blocks
  • Construction sign

Ages 5-10
Compatible with both Botley and Botley 2.0
Please note: This is an accessory set for Botley or Botley 2.0the Robot- Botley is sold separately. Botley and Botley 2.0 robots are sold separately.