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If you’re a fossil or paleontology enthusiast, you’ve just “dug up” an amazing bundle!


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If you’re a fossil or paleontology enthusiast, you’ve just “dug up” an amazing bundle!
The book is absolutely stunning, and the mug is novel eye-candy!  Enjoy your cup of coffee  in a mug that transforms a dino into its skeletal framework, while “digging into” one of the most beautiful books on fossils!

A fascinating book for anyone interested in paleontology or dinosaurs!  This is also a brilliant addition to your Science Cave!  Ideal for home-schooling!

This book brings fossils, paleontology, paleoecology, and the fossil industry to life in a beautiful and easy-to-understand format suitable for young adult and older science enthusiasts.  This lavishly illustrated, large-format book reaches beyond the basics, covering historical perspectives on fossil collecting, new imaging technologies, the art of fossil preparation, and how to spot a fake.  The pages are packed with information connecting the past, present, and future of life on Earth.

The author has a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Cornell, and 90% of the imagery has been selected from his personal photographic archive amassed over the past 35 years, enhanced by some exceptional artwork from outside sources.  Paleontologists, collectors, dealers, museums, and artists worldwide have generously helped to make this book possible.

Chapters include:

Dealers to Dinosaurs: Evolution of the World’s Greatest Fossil Show
Fossils: Messengers From the Past
Fossils Lost and Found
Geological Time and Drifting Continents
Collecting Fossils
Gallery of Life
Extinction Events
Seeing the Unseen: Probing the Past With New Imaging Technologies
Art of Fossil Preparation and Display.

Concise text
329 color images
14 maps, graphs, diagrams

Fantastic on the desk in your classroom or Science Cave!
The mug shows a prehistoric landscape populated by fierce dinosaurs. When you pour in a hot beverage, the eons pass before your eyes as the dinosaurs transform into fossils in a museum exhibition.

Microwave safe/Not dishwasher recommended