NGSS Virtual Masterclass



A comprehensive masterclass that supports K-12 science educators integrating the NGSS and 3-Dimensional learning into their existing classroom, curriculum, and practices.

In this Masterclass you will:

1. Identify the key features of 3-Dimensional learning, how they differ from a traditional classroom, and how to integrate them into your existing classroom, curriculum, and practices.

2. Learn the most powerful and effective teaching strategies to introduce the learning goals and objectives of the NGSS into your classroom and curriculum in practical and manageable ways.

3. Discover phenomena-driven, 3-Dimensional lessons and learn how to deliver them most effectively to influence rewarding learning outcomes in your classroom.

4. Explore innovative, field-tested phenomena to launch and drive your student-centered NGSS classroom.


In addition, you will also get:

  • A copy of Dr. Mancuso’s book “Phenomena-Driven Inquiry” (a $40.00 value).
  • Exclusive, unlimited instant access to almost 100 downloadable NGSS lessons.
  • An exclusive handbook, written exclusively to accompany the Master Class, that includes supporting material and additional resources.
  • Instant, exclusive access to all 7 lessons- over 7 hours of digital content.  Learn at your own pace- pause, rewind, play!

Regardless of your level of NGSS knowledge or implementation, you will discover new, powerful strategies and ideas.

This Masterclass normally costs over $300 for live attendees, but you can get INSTANT ACCESS now for just $75!