Wind Power: Harnessing Energy Book


This book examines the history and current ways in which wind has been used as an energy source!

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This book is a terrific supplement to any earth science, ecology, physics, or STEM curriculum.
The book examines the ways in which wind has historically been used as an energy source and how current and future energy demands are changing its technical applications and efficiency levels.

Why has coal been such a prominent energy source? How can renewable energies be stored most effectively? Linking science to practical applications and social issues to realistic goals, this series orients ecologically conscious readers toward the future of harnessing energy. With a special section devoted to historical moments involving the energy source, details on key inventors and notable discoveries, the book seeks to present a contextualized history of the featured energy form. A must-have for any STEM unit on energy studies.

  • 48 pages
  • Ages 10 – 16