Beneath Cold Seas: The Underwater Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest Book

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A complete and moving immersion in the breathtaking underwater world of the Pacific Northwest.

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In Beneath Cold Seas, author and photographer David Hall takes us into the underwater world of the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska, home to the most diverse and spectacular marine life of any temperate or cold-water ecosystem on the planet.  You’ll discover the tiny, candy-stripe shrimp, giant Pacific octopus, ghost-like hooded nudibranchs, migrating sockeye salmon, the world’s largest sea lions, and so much more!  Hall’s stunning photographs and lively text reveal many fascinating species interrelationships, both symbiotic and predatory, along with rarely observed animal behaviors.  State-of the-art camera equipment and special lighting allow Hall to capture this underwater world in ways that will surprise and amaze!  Filled with stunning images, the book has received the 2012 National Outdoor Book Award for “Best Design and Artistic Merit”.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages